Marine Applications

Boating season is finally among us and after many months of patiently waiting for the warm weather to arrive it is now time to enjoy some of  what Northern Michigan has to offer!  Pulling your boat out of storage and getting it ready for the water can be an exciting time but it can also be a daunting task if you find yourself with leaks, torn carpets or heavy oxidation.  If you are in question of which direction to go in making your boat or personal watercraft in tip-top shape, we can offer a variety of services to you.  Applying Rhino Linings to the floor of your boat can provide a slip free, leak free surface that is virtually maintenance free.  It is easy to clean and is super durable for extended protection from the elements.  The liner can also be applied to the outside of the boats, for example, aluminum boats with pop-rivets tend to leak over time but with a layer of Rhino Linings the rivets are sealed and leaks are no longer an issue.  If oxidation is an issue we can address that with a quality buff and wax that will bring the life right back to the boat surface!  Outside of the many and fantastic applications to the boat we can also take care of your trailer, an often over-looked but very important part of boating.  All trailers eventually need some attention after all of its wear and tear.  We are able to provide a couple of options, one being repainting the trailer and the other applying Rhino Linings to it.  Both are great options with the latter being superb.  You can say good-bye to rust when your trailer is en-capsuled with Rhino Linings.  So whatever your marine ailment is, give us a call and let us doctor up your watercraft!


Below is a before and after from one of our marine projects!



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