Rhino Linings® Products

Rhino Linings has many different products to choose from, from floor coatings to beautify basement and concrete floors, to corrosion and protection for your equipment and vehicles.   Most of the Rhino Linings products are available in any color, they can even be color matched to the exact color of your vehicle or project.

Rhino Linings polyaspartic flooring come in nine standard colors, and you can also add accent flakes for the speckled look.

Rhino Linings Hi-Chem is designed to withstand the harshest of all chemicals in any environment, designed to be used in containment tanks, factories, and in field operations.

Rhino Linings Eco-Coat is designed as a rubber roof alternative for your RV or camper. Eco-Coat reflects all the sun’s rays and heat to keep your RV nice and cool. It is also completely seamless and can be built up to any thickness to prevent cracking and leaking roofs in the future.

Rhino Linings Hybrid

Rhino Linings Hybrid is the perfect solution for non-skid and extreme durability for your truck bed or lower rocker panels for a stone guard.

Rhino Linings Eco-Coat

Rhino Linings Eco-Coat is perfect for replacing those old or beat up rubber roofs on your RV.

Rhino Linings Hi-Chem

Rhino Linings Hi-Chem is the perfect solution for your industrial chemical needs. Designed to withstand even the harshest of acids and other corrosive chemicals.

Rhino Linings Flooring

Turn your garage, basement, office, or any floor you might have into a beautiful, eye-catching floor with Rhino Linings flooring products.

Rhino Linings Hardline

Rhino Linings Hardline is for the person you uses their truck to the fullest. Great for gravel trains, equipment etc. that takes pounding abuse day after day.

Rhino Lining SolarMax

Want to protect your outdoor vehicle from the sun? Just use Rhino Lining SolarMax for UV Protection.

Rhino Lining Extreme

Extreme Lining allows you to use your vehicle to the max, avoiding any scratches, damage, and abrasions.

Rhino ColorMatch

Need to protect your vehicle, but worried about appearance? No problem! We can make our spray-on liners nearly any color!

Rhino Lining TuffGrip

When you don't want things slipping and sliding around while transporting, TuffGrip allows you to travel without worry.