About Rhino Linings

DSCN0022Here at Rhino Linings, we strive to stay on top of all the latest updates and training for new and existing products.  Being in the business for over ten years and having a staff that has over 20 years experience, enables us to take on or handle any project someone can throw at us.

Rhino Linings USA started in southern California in the mid 1980’s.  We have taken their expertise and knowledge and expanded from there.  All of our applicators are fully trained and certified in the field of polymer coatings

We have all the equipment needed for any job, from the low pressure machines that are designed for slower curing, self-leveling products, to the heated high-pressure machines for the extremely challenging and delicate jobs, to the polymer flooring equipment, and even the spray foam insulation machines.

Our History

It all started with having a simple truck bed sprayed over ten years ago. I, Jake Eaton, had a truck bed sprayed by a company out of town and thought it was pretty cool. After looking into different options, I decided to open a Rhino Linings dealership right here in Traverse City,  Michigan. I started as just a two person, husband and wife shop and expanded over the years into a fully staffed, multi-employee company. Always keeping up on the latest training and certifications, my interest of the polymer linings world never slows. From the simple start of a truck bed, I have become one of the largest applicators of Rhino Linings products in the world!

DSCN0111Why Choose Rhino Linings?

With well over 100 years of experience between the staff, we are the number one leader in the world for all types of polymer linings. At Rhino Linings we have the most up to date and efficient equipment there is. We are THE SPRAY ON LINER!

No Harmful Chemicals or Fumes/ No VOC’s

Rhino Linings applied to the lower and inner door jams of vehicles helps stop stone chips and harmful rust. Rhino Linings can be applied in virtually any color imaginable.



scan0158Maintain Your Water Craft

Adding a coat of Rhino Lining to the bottom of your boat helps protect damaged or old hulls, keeping it from wearing further or leaking. Or apply it to the interior, making the floor look like new and easy to keep clean!


DSCN0052Contact Us For Your Project

Rhino Lining is completely versatile. When you have a residential or commercial project, give us a call!