Let’s Go Camping, RV Style!

With spring lingering, and I definitely mean lingering, around the corner it is time to start thinking about ways to enjoy the upcoming seasons!  Unfortunately in Northern Michigan our snow-less days are numbered, so if camping or traveling in your RV is on your radar, now is the time to start preparing!  Spending time in the great outdoors provides a slower, more simple approach to life and in current times with technology pushing us at the speed of light, who doesn’t want that?  Picture yourself now waking up to the soft sound of birds chirping, the sun peeking up over the horizon and painting the sky a color of a sweet pink sorbet, the warm breeze gently brushing your skin, and the faint smell of your bon-fire to which only scarlet colored coals remain.  With your senses in tuned to all of your surroundings you are suddenly filled with serenity and tranquility, a picture perfect moment that is just within reach.  Some people prefer the freedom of a tent, being able to choose almost any place to call home for the night and others prefer the comfort and accommodations of a camper or RV.  If you are among those who fall in the camper or RV bracket, you know how expensive campers and RV’s can be to purchase and maintain.  Though nature provides bountiful beauty, it comes at a price and that price is abuse to our equipment.  Between wind, rain, snow, and sun, it is important to provide adequate protection from such exposure in the most critical places on your camper or RV.  The roof, for instance, is in constant contact with those harmful UV rays, the main punching bag for rain, hail and snow and never sheltered from the wind.  The roof, when exposed to such environmental factors can deteriorate relatively quickly causing a change reaction to other problems.  The best way to avoid costly repairs is to come up with a solution before there is ever any problem.  Though several solutions exist, there is one that stands above the rest.  A solution that can put your mind (and wallet) at ease knowing that you’ve extended the life of your roof significantly. The solution? Rhino Linings Eco-Coat!  Rhino Linings Eco-Coat is fantastic at sealing and preventing any leaks as it is 100% seamless.  It acts as a shield reflecting, rather than absorbing, harmful UV rays and heat in-turn making the interior up to 20 degrees cooler.  It will not crack or peel like the conventional rubber roofing and lasts three times longer than the plastic sheet roofs.  It is a relatively quick application and significantly reduces the cost of any future maintenance or repairs. If  there are already signs of damage to the roof of your camper or RV, not to worry, with a little TLC and a layer (up to 1/4 inch) of Eco-Coat, you will be back to nature and free from damages before you know it.  So now’s the time, get your RV out, get it protected and get camping!  It’s time to enjoy what life and nature has to offer!

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