Rhino Tough

Recently, when I was looking at the Rhino logo I was thinking about the fact that it is black and white.  I love color and wondered if the logo would be better if more color were added.  After thinking this I realized the answer, no.  Black and white.  It’s very straight forward, strong, definitive and yet versatile.  This is a perfect representation of the product it promotes!  Rhino Linings is straight forward, it was created to protect your most valuable equipment and property.  Rhino Linings strong, in fact Rhino Linings is the leader in polymer applications with material so strong it knocks the competition out of the ball park.  Rhino Linings is definitive, it’s either Rhino or it’s not and people know it by it’s incredible reputation that has been built over the years.  And, Rhino Linings is versatile, it can be applied to an infinite number of surfaces with end results all being the same; a stronger, more sturdy and dependable piece of equipment, floor or product that will last twice as long without the worry deterioration.  So no, my love for color will have to take a back seat on this one because black and white couldn’t be a better representation of what Rhino Linings is!

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