Marine Applications

Boating season is finally among us and after many months of patiently waiting for the warm weather to arrive it is now time to enjoy some of  what Northern Michigan has to offer!  Pulling your boat out of storage and getting it ready for the water can be an exciting time but it can also be a daunting task if you find yourself with leaks, torn carpets or heavy oxidation.  If you are in question of which direction to go in making your boat or personal watercraft in tip-top shape, we can offer a variety of services to you.  Applying Rhino Linings to the floor of your boat can provide a slip free, leak free surface that is virtually maintenance free.  It is easy to clean and is super durable for extended protection from the elements.  The liner can also be applied to the outside of the boats, for example, aluminum boats with pop-rivets tend to leak over time but with a layer of Rhino Linings the rivets are sealed and leaks are no longer an issue.  If oxidation is an issue we can address that with a quality buff and wax that will bring the life right back to the boat surface!  Outside of the many and fantastic applications to the boat we can also take care of your trailer, an often over-looked but very important part of boating.  All trailers eventually need some attention after all of its wear and tear.  We are able to provide a couple of options, one being repainting the trailer and the other applying Rhino Linings to it.  Both are great options with the latter being superb.  You can say good-bye to rust when your trailer is en-capsuled with Rhino Linings.  So whatever your marine ailment is, give us a call and let us doctor up your watercraft!


Below is a before and after from one of our marine projects!



Spraying Rockers

We have multiple people a day calling to get quotes and ask questions about the condition of the rockers on their vehicle.  Living in Northern Michigan winters can be long and with those winters come a  lot of dirt and worse yet, salt.  It is impossible to keep the elements off of and out of your vehicle but there are ways to help prevent damage caused by the elements.  One way is to clean and wash your vehicle on a regular basis, however, the majority of us do not have the time or desire to do this and let’s be honest who wants to stand out in the freezing cold washing their vehicle.  Certainly not me.  This is where we come in; spraying the rockers, the edge of the wheel wells and the door jams with Rhino Hybrid can significantly prolong any damage done by the elements and help you maintain the quality and appearance of the body of your vehicle.  With proper mechanical maintenance you can plan to keep your vehicle for as long as needed or desired without the worry of it falling apart.  The best time to apply Rhino to the rockers is of course when the vehicle is new or fairly new, however even vehicles with little to significant rust, rust damage or dents can be sprayed and revamped back to a solid, reliable vehicle.  The only difference between if the vehicle comes to us new or well used is our process to the finished product.  A new vehicle is straight forward with standard vehicle prep and a well used vehicle that has rust needing to be blasted, holes to be filled or even whole rockers to be replaced, can take a few to several extra steps to bring back to a satisfactory condition.  We can spray in either a standard black or we can do a custom color match by top coat right to the paint code of  the vehicle.  This option is especially great if anyone is worried what black would look like along the bottom of the vehicle if there is no other black to off-set it. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle and the process we need to follow or the color you choose, this Rhino application is one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle to make it last in Northern Michigan.

DSCN0200 DSCN0201

Custom Color Rockers                                                        Around the Wheel Wells


DSCN0202 DSCN0203

Interior of Door                                                                 Door Jams/Kick plates

Think Outside the Box…Truck Box that Is!

Hello all and happy Thursday!  I was looking through some of our pictures and came across these from a project we recently completed and it reminded me of why it’s always great to think outside the box, and in our case outside the truck box!  As most people know Rhino is spectacular for protecting truck beds and rockers and jeep tubs and many more things of this nature but what a lot of people don’t realize is that Rhino can be used to protect so much more than just vehicles.  In this case, we were contacted by a farm that milks goats and has a room on their farm desginated just for this purpose.  The milking parlor, as it is called, is where the goats would go in and climb a small set of stairs then line up on milking tables.  The farm had used rubber mats on these surfaces for traction and comfort of the goats but the problem they were running into was wear and tear.  Bewtween the hooves and chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing, the farm was having to replace the mats on a fairly frequent basis.  Each time a replacement was necessary, the farm was forced to spend more money and lose production time.  When the farm contacted us they were very thorough in asking questions about the performance and ratings of our material.  They tested samples of Rhino with the chemicals used for sanitizing and made sure it was safe not only for the animals but that it would meet all of the farming standards.  In the end, the farm decided it would be a great solution to replacing the mats over and over.  When the farm gave the ok, we packed up our mobile unit, traveled on site and began the final “mat replacement”.  We of course did all the necessary prep work and sprayed the tables, stairs and ramps in the milking parlor with our standard black Rhino Hybrid.  Once completed the farm was able to jump right back in to milking production and would not have to worry again about replacing the  “old” rubber mats.  The Rhino Hybrid will provide them with permanant traction and comfort for the goats, and protection for the table, stair and ramp surfaces all while still being easy to clean, sanitize and maintain the milking parlor to the highest standards.  It is always fun to work on new and unique projects and it is even better when we can help another business or person achieve the goals they set out for whatever they may be, so together lets continue to think outside the box and who knows where we will end up next!


001 002 003

Rhino Tough

Recently, when I was looking at the Rhino logo I was thinking about the fact that it is black and white.  I love color and wondered if the logo would be better if more color were added.  After thinking this I realized the answer, no.  Black and white.  It’s very straight forward, strong, definitive and yet versatile.  This is a perfect representation of the product it promotes!  Rhino Linings is straight forward, it was created to protect your most valuable equipment and property.  Rhino Linings strong, in fact Rhino Linings is the leader in polymer applications with material so strong it knocks the competition out of the ball park.  Rhino Linings is definitive, it’s either Rhino or it’s not and people know it by it’s incredible reputation that has been built over the years.  And, Rhino Linings is versatile, it can be applied to an infinite number of surfaces with end results all being the same; a stronger, more sturdy and dependable piece of equipment, floor or product that will last twice as long without the worry deterioration.  So no, my love for color will have to take a back seat on this one because black and white couldn’t be a better representation of what Rhino Linings is!

Let’s Go Camping, RV Style!

With spring lingering, and I definitely mean lingering, around the corner it is time to start thinking about ways to enjoy the upcoming seasons!  Unfortunately in Northern Michigan our snow-less days are numbered, so if camping or traveling in your RV is on your radar, now is the time to start preparing!  Spending time in the great outdoors provides a slower, more simple approach to life and in current times with technology pushing us at the speed of light, who doesn’t want that?  Picture yourself now waking up to the soft sound of birds chirping, the sun peeking up over the horizon and painting the sky a color of a sweet pink sorbet, the warm breeze gently brushing your skin, and the faint smell of your bon-fire to which only scarlet colored coals remain.  With your senses in tuned to all of your surroundings you are suddenly filled with serenity and tranquility, a picture perfect moment that is just within reach.  Some people prefer the freedom of a tent, being able to choose almost any place to call home for the night and others prefer the comfort and accommodations of a camper or RV.  If you are among those who fall in the camper or RV bracket, you know how expensive campers and RV’s can be to purchase and maintain.  Though nature provides bountiful beauty, it comes at a price and that price is abuse to our equipment.  Between wind, rain, snow, and sun, it is important to provide adequate protection from such exposure in the most critical places on your camper or RV.  The roof, for instance, is in constant contact with those harmful UV rays, the main punching bag for rain, hail and snow and never sheltered from the wind.  The roof, when exposed to such environmental factors can deteriorate relatively quickly causing a change reaction to other problems.  The best way to avoid costly repairs is to come up with a solution before there is ever any problem.  Though several solutions exist, there is one that stands above the rest.  A solution that can put your mind (and wallet) at ease knowing that you’ve extended the life of your roof significantly. The solution? Rhino Linings Eco-Coat!  Rhino Linings Eco-Coat is fantastic at sealing and preventing any leaks as it is 100% seamless.  It acts as a shield reflecting, rather than absorbing, harmful UV rays and heat in-turn making the interior up to 20 degrees cooler.  It will not crack or peel like the conventional rubber roofing and lasts three times longer than the plastic sheet roofs.  It is a relatively quick application and significantly reduces the cost of any future maintenance or repairs. If  there are already signs of damage to the roof of your camper or RV, not to worry, with a little TLC and a layer (up to 1/4 inch) of Eco-Coat, you will be back to nature and free from damages before you know it.  So now’s the time, get your RV out, get it protected and get camping!  It’s time to enjoy what life and nature has to offer!

Jakes pics from iphone Jan. 2014 007      Jakes pics from iphone Jan. 2014 015


First day of Spring

The Spring Equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, is a point in time when the earths north and south poles are tilted neither toward nor away from the sun thus theoretically producing the same length day at any point on the earths surface.  Though the earth experiences two equinox’s a year, each has a distinct symbolism attached to them.  In March when the first equinox of the year occurs we, in Northern Michigan and in many other places in the world, are just emerging from our homes after a long, bitterly cold winter in rain boots rather than snow boots and on some occasions even tennis shoes or flats.  Winter coats are shed and spring jackets are brought out of the closets, and with each passing day we become more and more eager to feel the warmth of the sun on more than just our faces.  Windows may find themselves being opened, even just a crack, in our houses and cars letting in the clean, fresh air that we all at one point stop and take a deep breath in and end with a big exhale and an ahhh.  Our thermostats on furnaces and wood stoves slowly but surely are turned down degree by degree as the earth replaces the manufactured heat with natural radiating heat from the sun.  But most definitive of all are the cues from mother nature herself, snow starts to melt, crocuses peek up from the bare soil, grass begins to green and buds begin to form on the trees and bushes.  Even animals sense the change that is coming, Robins return to build nest’s, bears awake from their long hibernation, and as many pet owners know, dogs shed their thick winter coat.  With so many changes our senses are in overdrive taking in, processing and preparing for the next fantastic season.  It’s the time of year that we are rested, recharged and revved up to take on new and exciting challenges.  We make list’s of chores, goals and aspirations, and it is undeniable the energy that surges from within as we ready to accomplish such tasks.  Yes, this is the magic of the equinox, and it thrives within us all.  So as spring turns into summer remember the feeling of renewed energy and ambition and carry it through because as the autumnal (or fall) equinox approaches so does a whole new approach on life.  

Happy Spring! 

Rhino Linings on new Dodge rockers and door jams


One place salt and dirt love to hide…door jams.  Help prevent rusting and damage by having your door jams and rocker panels sprayed.  It’s never too soon or too late to do this, whether you are wanting keep damage from ever occurring or you are wanting to have already existing damage repaired this application extends the life of your vehicle significantly!

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