Think Outside the Box…Truck Box that Is!

Hello all and happy Thursday!  I was looking through some of our pictures and came across these from a project we recently completed and it reminded me of why it’s always great to think outside the box, and in our case outside the truck box!  As most people know Rhino is spectacular for protecting truck beds and rockers and jeep tubs and many more things of this nature but what a lot of people don’t realize is that Rhino can be used to protect so much more than just vehicles.  In this case, we were contacted by a farm that milks goats and has a room on their farm desginated just for this purpose.  The milking parlor, as it is called, is where the goats would go in and climb a small set of stairs then line up on milking tables.  The farm had used rubber mats on these surfaces for traction and comfort of the goats but the problem they were running into was wear and tear.  Bewtween the hooves and chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing, the farm was having to replace the mats on a fairly frequent basis.  Each time a replacement was necessary, the farm was forced to spend more money and lose production time.  When the farm contacted us they were very thorough in asking questions about the performance and ratings of our material.  They tested samples of Rhino with the chemicals used for sanitizing and made sure it was safe not only for the animals but that it would meet all of the farming standards.  In the end, the farm decided it would be a great solution to replacing the mats over and over.  When the farm gave the ok, we packed up our mobile unit, traveled on site and began the final “mat replacement”.  We of course did all the necessary prep work and sprayed the tables, stairs and ramps in the milking parlor with our standard black Rhino Hybrid.  Once completed the farm was able to jump right back in to milking production and would not have to worry again about replacing the  “old” rubber mats.  The Rhino Hybrid will provide them with permanant traction and comfort for the goats, and protection for the table, stair and ramp surfaces all while still being easy to clean, sanitize and maintain the milking parlor to the highest standards.  It is always fun to work on new and unique projects and it is even better when we can help another business or person achieve the goals they set out for whatever they may be, so together lets continue to think outside the box and who knows where we will end up next!


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