Vehicle Protection



Rhino Linings Hybrid material is the perfect choice for your truck bed, rocker panels and door jams.  

Of course you should always have the bed of your truck sprayed due to corrosion protection and non skid protection, but there are other areas on your truck that need to be addressed if you are one of those people who like to hold on to your trucks for a number of years. We all hate the way your inner door jams and lower rocker panels look after a few years of winter driving here in Northern Michigan.  Rhino Linings is the perfect solution for this.  We can repair any existing rust that has already started then apply Rhino Linings Hybrid to these areas in either black or color seal them up for good.  When the custom color match is applied the Rhino Linings literally disappears once you step back 10 to 15 feet!

Of course the best time to have your Rhino Linings applied is when the truck is brand new, but if you wait a couple years and get a few dents and scratches in the bed not a big deal.  The Rhino Linings Hybrid will literally seal up and hide any minor imperfections you may have.

Rhino Linings USA has a lifetime warranty on all truck bed applications for the original purchaser of the bed liner.  For more information on the warranty you can go to and look up warranty information.  This warranty is good nationwide and any Rhino Linings dealership can help you.  Keep in mind you have to hold onto your original purchase receipt to show proof of purchase.





For more information on Rhino Linings Hybrid material for your vehicle in wither black or custom color match please call us today!