Rhino Linings is for more then just your truck bed

Applications for Rhino Linings industrial polymer coatings are endless- think out side the box and we are sure to be able to help you. See our commercial and industrial gallery for more ideas!


Commercial boom truck we repaired all rust then applied Rhino Linings Hybrid material to deck and rails.   Once this was finished we repainted the boom base and out riggers.

Large natural gas vessel approximately 15 tall we sandblast and line the insides of these tanks to stop all corrosion.  Salt water runs through them which deteriorates the metal extremely fast.  Once lined the tanks last for many years in the field.  The salt water has no effect on the interior of the tanks once lined with the Rhino Linings Extreme material 40 foot long exhaust hood coated with Rhino Linings Hi-Chem for maximum corrosion protection.  once completed these go to southern Indiana.

 These are exhaust fans that we sandblast then coat with a product called Rhino Linings Hi-Chem for maximun protection against all chemicals and and corrosion.  Once the coating process is finished they are shipped all over the world!

Rhino Linings of Traverse City is one of the largest commercial and industrial applicators in the world for industrial applications. Think outside the box with Rhino Linings!!  Any place there is corrosion or wear and tear on any type of substrate we can slow that process or eliminate it. One of our largest customers is a major cruise line  that we coat foam with Rhino Linings to stop it from absorbing water and breaking down!