When most people think of Rhino Linings they think of trucks and truck beds.  Think again!!  Here at Rhino Linings we have a full line of epoxy and polyaspartic flooring products for you restaurant, basement, garage, or showroom.   From flake to solid colors we can do it all.

With many colors to choose from in both the solid colors and different flake configurations there is sure to be something you will enjoy.  

These pictures here show an old out dated bathroom that was completely refinished with the beige base color then the black and white flake system over that.

The picture in the middle shows a garage floor with a light gray base color.  From there we added a little black, white and an accent red flake to match this persons fishing boat.

Lastly the picture with the black boarder around it shows a butcher room that was having water problems leaking into the showroom floor from under the walls due to having to wash and sanitize the room every night.  We used the Rhino Linings Hybrid material and did a one foot by one foot boarder onto the drywall and out onto the tile to seal the walls up.  

For more information on any of our flooring products give us a call or send us an email.  We will be more then happy to answer an questions you may have!!