First day of Spring

The Spring Equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, is a point in time when the earths north and south poles are tilted neither toward nor away from the sun thus theoretically producing the same length day at any point on the earths surface.  Though the earth experiences two equinox’s a year, each has a distinct symbolism attached to them.  In March when the first equinox of the year occurs we, in Northern Michigan and in many other places in the world, are just emerging from our homes after a long, bitterly cold winter in rain boots rather than snow boots and on some occasions even tennis shoes or flats.  Winter coats are shed and spring jackets are brought out of the closets, and with each passing day we become more and more eager to feel the warmth of the sun on more than just our faces.  Windows may find themselves being opened, even just a crack, in our houses and cars letting in the clean, fresh air that we all at one point stop and take a deep breath in and end with a big exhale and an ahhh.  Our thermostats on furnaces and wood stoves slowly but surely are turned down degree by degree as the earth replaces the manufactured heat with natural radiating heat from the sun.  But most definitive of all are the cues from mother nature herself, snow starts to melt, crocuses peek up from the bare soil, grass begins to green and buds begin to form on the trees and bushes.  Even animals sense the change that is coming, Robins return to build nest’s, bears awake from their long hibernation, and as many pet owners know, dogs shed their thick winter coat.  With so many changes our senses are in overdrive taking in, processing and preparing for the next fantastic season.  It’s the time of year that we are rested, recharged and revved up to take on new and exciting challenges.  We make list’s of chores, goals and aspirations, and it is undeniable the energy that surges from within as we ready to accomplish such tasks.  Yes, this is the magic of the equinox, and it thrives within us all.  So as spring turns into summer remember the feeling of renewed energy and ambition and carry it through because as the autumnal (or fall) equinox approaches so does a whole new approach on life.  

Happy Spring! 

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