Commercial and Industrial Applications

Save your business time and money by investing in our durable floorings and linings that help protect your products, machinery, and shops.

Rhino Linings® Commercial / Industrial Services

Rhino Linings has different products designed to withstand any amount of abuse in the commercial and world, from anti-corrosive chemicals for acid-holding tanks and brine tanks, to Rhino Linings for anti-wear, rust-preventative, and impact-resistant.

Rhino Linings Extreme is the most common in the industrial world because of its highly chemical resistant nature and impact resistant quality. We have used this in many large oil field jobs, on large brine water tanks, and specialized equipment in the oil field industry. Sewer pump trucks and road sweeper trucks are just a few others.  Walkways and stairs are a common application, sprayed in safety yellow to meet all OSHA guidelines

Rhino Linings Hi-Chem is made for those highly toxic chemical jobs. With its resistance to virtually all chemicals known to man, this lining helps protect against the deterioration of metals and equipment where toxic chemicals are used,  diminishing the time and cost of repairs.

  • Longer Life for Your Investment
  • Different Materials to Meet Your Needs
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Non-Skid
  • Cuts Maintenance Costs

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Rhino Linings has every thing you need to fit all your commercial and industrial needs. Whether it’s a project big or small, our impact resistant, chemical resistant spray-on liners will help you get the job done.

Unique Commercial Projects

No matter what your project is at the office, we can help you pick out the right material to fit your needs.

Commercial Trucking Application

Commercial trucks go through a lot of wear and tear over the years from weather and from heavy use. Get your company’s protected with Rhino Linings.

Workshop Flooring

No matter what the repair, fix, or storage, choose Rhino Linings to keep your shop clean and durable.

Commercial Machinery

Construction projects take a toll on all machinery involved. With our impact and damage resistant linings, we can make the tools of your trade last longer.

Trailer Linings

Whether it’s a horse trailer or a snowmobile trailer, we can give yours the extra protection it needs to get the job done.

Gym Applications

All gyms take a beating with weights and heavy machines on its floors. Make yours durable and clean with Rhino Linings Flooring.

Marine Applications

Boats are well-loved and heavily-used in our lives. Whether the interior or exterior, give your craft extra protection while out on the water.

Boat Linings

Rhino Lining’s Boat protection linings are water proof and prevent rust and corrosion.

Water Craft Protection

For any water craft, Rhino Linings can cover up cracks, hull damage, or any other flaws and keep them from getting worse.

Hull Protection

Over time, the hull of your boat can get dinged up and damaged from submerged rocks, sand, and other elements. Rhino Lining’s can protect your craft against further corrosion.

Flooring Applications

A durable, easy-to-clean floor is a must in all commercial and industrial businesses. Our floorings come in a variety of colors and styles. We can help you choose the one that is best for your business.

Restaurant Flooring

Simple to clean, spill-proof, and extremely tough against wear and tear, our floor linings are perfect for your commercial kitchens.

Warehouse Flooring

If you’ve got heavy items being stored and want protection against spills and cracks, Rhino Lining’s flooring is right for your business.

Bathroom Application

Keep your public bathrooms easy to clean and neat. Our flooring application can save you time and hassle.